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Healthcare should be a right for everyone

  1. Some Insurance companies are listening to the voice of citizens and some are not. Healthcare should be a right for all Americans. The Federal Government should have long ago taken care of pre-existing problems and developed a strong program for preventative issues that are most commonly known to effect the quality of life  promised by the constitution!

With new medicines and technology, we should live longer than ever before and enjoy a more healthier life, mentally and physically. Instead, we are putting of financial life in jeopardy worrying about whether to buy this high priced medicine to live or take a chance and miss a house note to keep shelter over our heads! This is so unfair to all!! Who the heck want to carry that stress?

It's not that expensive to have a reasonable fee to pay for common things in life that we all may need over time. Wellness products, Dental care, hearing coverage, vision coverage, transportation to and from the doctor, technology monitoring plus a few other reality issues that can provide for a better life without breaking the bank. I WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TIME I TAKE THE OATH OF OFFICE... THAT IS REAL!!!


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Our Education system should be improved. We should first off, make sure our teachers have a decent living wage! I think most of the people, in Washington, that are making decisions which affect the lives of  people forget they came from a teacher! Teachers are the ones with their hand on those that will shape and build the future. They should not have to go out and work several jobs just to pay their utility bills, food bills, auto bills, classroom bills for enhancement of the student, ect...The State and Federal Government is responsible and need to be held accountable. With you the people and the labor unions ideas and vision for the future of our children...I WILL FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO PREPARE FOR THE EVOLVING FUTURE WE WILL ENCOUNTER! (Read More)


CLIMATE CHANGE is real. the decade that just ended was the second warmest since modern record keeping started in 1880. 2019 temperature was second only to that of 2016. this has been the warmest in the past 140 years. We must as humans do our part to help decrease the use of and recycle those things that cause climate change. I believe with increased research and experiments with vital technology, we can slow this climate change down to a more livable experience sooner than later....there is technology already available.. the people have the power to insist it be utilized. I PROMISE WHEN I AM ELECTED, THERE WILL BE SO MUCH LEGISLATION REQUIRING INCREASED RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY, YOU WILL BELIEVE YOU WROTE IT YOURSELF! (Read More)


It should not be happening! We are america, made up of immigrants. How can we stand by and allow this administration treat children like they are worthless animals. We are better than this. What would you do or how would you feel if your children had to endure months of this inhuman treatment. Right!! You wouldn't put up with it. There are ways to keep people out. The Federal Government should allow the state the right to enact the laws pertaining to immigration and let them work with unions to provide and train more workers for maintaining our borders. There should be more judges hired and there should be more check points for people to enter lawfully. Those that don't will be subjected to the new amended laws that would create a better process in which to enforce. I PROMISE I WILL ADDRESS THIS ISSUE IN MORE DETAIL WHEN I TAKE OFFICE!  (Read More)

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